Davor hiking
  • Email: cubranic [at] freeshell.org
  • Croatian spelling (needs UTF font support): Čubranić
  • Pronouncing my name: DAH-vor CHU-brah-nich

I am a software engineer at SAP Business Objects, Vancouver. For more information, please contact me by email until these pages are brought up to date.

In 2004-2005, I was postdoctoral researcher at the University of Victoria, working with Margaret-Anne Storey. My main research interests involved collaboration in complex information spaces. Over the past few years, my focus has been on collaborative software development and on designing technologies to help developer teams working on large software systems, in particular in a distributed setting. My main project in the post-doc was adding collaborative support to GILD, a development environment targetted at beginner programmers. GILD, by the way, is implemented on top of Eclipse, an excellent open-source IDE.

I have completed my doctorate at the University of British Columbia. You can find more information about this work on my research page.