My long-term research objective is to fully support human collaboration as part of software development process. There is a broad range of collaborative activities that take place during software development, and people take part in these activities in a variety of roles, from programmers to customers. Over the next few years, my research focus will be on collaboration among programmers and on integrating support for collaboration with development tools.

Ph.D. work: Project memory and Hipikat

I have successfully completed my doctorate from the University of British Columbia in December 2004. In my doctoral work, I developed an approach for building group memory of a software development team from the archives of electronic artifacts generated by the team in the course of its work — a project memory. My dissertation was titled “Project history as a group memory: Learning from the past”, and the research was conducted under the co-supervision of Gail Murphy and Kellogg S. Booth. The dissertation is now available online, or you can find papers published about this work on my publications page.

M.Sc. work: Computer-supported distance art therapy

My Master's research was a collaboration with Kate Collie, then a master's student at the department of Counselling Psychology, in which we worked on development of distance group art therapy and a computer system to support it.